March 13, 2012

♥ Penang

Salam ppl...
It's mid term sem! yahoo..syokkk habis.
It's for vacayyyy & shopping time.
I chose Penang for my vacay destination,hihi.
in other hand, "boleh menyelam sambil minum air"
dapat jumpa si Mr. Fiance..hehe
well, thanks to him for treat me like a PRINCESS

melantak Supreme Mee hoon & mee curry at Old Town White Coffee

Star Cruise! dapat tengok dri jaoh je..cannot get in coz kene booking awal2..kinda SAD

Old town moment

Malaysia Most Wanted restaurant, FULLHOUSE..

Chowrasta..searching for jeruks..there were many choices of jeruk in here and just pick up all of 'em!hihi

Rasberry Delight & Double Choc ice blended

Hazelnut coffee..phew, suke yg ni!

My Tutti frutti

o_O  yummy!

Car wif cute
thehe..syok dpt shopim kat butik feveret aku nih! Forever 21 always in my heart!

nak jadi MODEL cm sy?jum..LOL
my feveret place to shopping..:)

menu in Char Koay Teow, Sungai 2..

affordable prices!

fried chicken menjilat jari..never miss makan cni kalo mai Penang..

makan jangan tak makan syg!

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