February 10, 2012

Million THANKS !

Salam ppl..

Today, i really had a great time with my beloved bff..Husna,zacky and tiena..yippeee..rindu sgt kat korang !
Feeling great that we can lepak2, laughing at each other, buat lawak spastik, lawak kayu, gelak mcm king kong, buat cm rumah sendiri..yup, exactly that's us..this is wut will happen when we are together!hahaha

then, went to ICT (again )..nothing we can do here except snap, snap..
kinda bored and decided to go home and get sum rest..
pillow talk with Usna & Zack..lot of things we did..ahaks..kononla, but exactly aku tdo so early until i dunno wut they gossiping about..Then, the best thing i had..i got such a lovely Tod's purse from my darling Husna, and Owl ring,necklace from Zacky..!we also belek2 album lame kitorang time high skool dlu..wut an amazing moment we had kan?!bile tengok gambar dlu2 rase nak tergelak kuat2.. ahaks..nway..i love it so much..
love BOTH of u till forever!

Owls !

zacky, usna and me (the last )

And another one, thanks to Fatira that gave me this book, entitled "Jadilah Wanita Yang Paling Bahagia"..Yup every woman deserve to be happy..this book is really useful to me..thanks dear!really appreciate it..:)

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