April 16, 2011

22th years old girl!

Times running so fast..
Hey,hey now i'm 22th years old on 16 April 2011..
wut kinda i say, there's nothink special on tis date coz i can't celebrate it wif my boifren!
How i miss him so much,how i miss him to sit next to me,to blow my 22th candle on my choc indulgence cake!
i miss u!
but its ok then, u had an important thang to do rite..n i understand..
i will wait 4 u n we will celebrate it together!

last nite,
sumone SHOT me!haha..
thank to Haziemah, Moo moo cayunk, Aini, Nisa, Rai, Tira!
u are so gud in doing PRANK!
love the cake,love the suprise~
thanks,thanks...LOVE U OL!

i got a lovely handmade bufday card from moo moo n Nisa,so switt!
thanks again my dear!

wutever it is i thank to god coz in 22th years old, i am still alive,breathing!



  1. Happy Birthday Yang.... glad to know you are doing greatly fine and happy there.. :)

  2. thanks syg...;)
    kalo x,leyh kite sambut bufday same2 kan..


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