April 24, 2011

Cuppy Cupcake from Paed~

Pukul 2.30 ptg aku ade klas Pj..then time otw ke gym Paed pown mesej aku plak yg berbunyi cmni..

"Madame nak jumpe Eton ngan Amer kat jabatan.Now pasal assignment.Kejap je"

Dalam hati aku ni mcm2 da pk,da start cuak..sal plak ngn assignment aku..kan da check yg aku nye..siap da bagi marks..or kes plagiat?haisy, xmungkin..sume hasil sendiri & internet...sampai kat jabatan Amer da ade kat c2...kami berdua resah duk tgu Madame..tanye madame Noormah,dye cakap Madame Norasmad mmg xde arini..tue aku pelik tueh..musykil plak aku...Paed,adam,Nas & Lily ade kat lua ag..lagi pelik..diorang tgu Madame Norasmad jugak kew..tbe2 Paed pown dtg ngn kotak beriben...TARAAA...

"Hepi Bufday" to Amer & Eton..

Me & Amer

Thanks 4 dis Cupcake!

Me, Amer & Paed!

Aiyaa..tertipu ngn tipuan korunk..haha...well,btw aku nak ucapkan thanks sgt2 yg buat prank cuak nieyh..then cupcake yg Paed bagi sgt cumelll dan cute..terharu plak buat cmni..I really appreciate it..Thank u soooooo much..it was so switttt..and really cute..
Thanks jugak kepada gang prank tadi..pandai korunk berlakon n senyum-senyum kambing tadi!!!


Thanks again..

April 16, 2011

22th years old girl!

Times running so fast..
Hey,hey now i'm 22th years old on 16 April 2011..
wut kinda i say, there's nothink special on tis date coz i can't celebrate it wif my boifren!
How i miss him so much,how i miss him to sit next to me,to blow my 22th candle on my choc indulgence cake!
i miss u!
but its ok then, u had an important thang to do rite..n i understand..
i will wait 4 u n we will celebrate it together!

last nite,
sumone SHOT me!haha..
thank to Haziemah, Moo moo cayunk, Aini, Nisa, Rai, Tira!
u are so gud in doing PRANK!
love the cake,love the suprise~
thanks,thanks...LOVE U OL!

i got a lovely handmade bufday card from moo moo n Nisa,so switt!
thanks again my dear!

wutever it is i thank to god coz in 22th years old, i am still alive,breathing!


April 01, 2011

The most favorite things that he gave to me.

Salam ppl..
Here are the most favorite things that he gave to me.

1st :
Aww, aww..i'll never forget the day when we first met.
He proposed me with a beautiful NECKLACE.
So, on that day i am officially his girlfriend :)

He knows that i am a person who love shoes so much.
When he came back to Terengganu, he never forget to buy it for me.
btw dearie, your taste not so bad, hehehe.

my shoes collection from him

This is my first handphone that he gave to me.
before he bought it, he asked  me..
"Sayang suka dengar lagu kan?coz b selalu dengar sayang duk nyanyi dalam kereta"
I just shooked my head and smiles to him.
when he asked me like that, surely pasti ada udang di sebalik batu..kikiki..
As usual when he came home to Terengganu from Penang,
he will waiting in front of my house.
Came out from the house with a suprise from him.
i am so touch.thank u darling

4th :
still fresh in my mind the day we went shopping together at Midvalley.
that day, aku merajuk.
then i'll try to run away from him. he followed me behind.
out of sudden, he lost in a crowded.
gush, i'm so scared.where is he?
Then wat..let's guess?
TARAAA..he's in front of me holding a big moo moo.
he knew that i love moo moo so much.So this is how he pujuk me that time.
yeah, u got me darling :)

5th :
i got it from him on my 21st birthday.
haha..unexpected gift which is to me he's quite wasting his money on me.
to me, i don't even care if u buy me a cheap handbags or what..as long u are sincerely love me and care of me.
but on this important date, i appreciate that u gave me this beautiful keychain & white GUESS handbag.

I love ROXY.
hehe..that's y he gave me this.
handbag and purse.
kinda love the style of handbag and purse. 

Tekan Sini Sayang!:)